SLCTLS 2018 – A Call to Action

The 2018 Shared LCTL Symposium (SLCTLS) held September 6-7, 2018. A total of 79 people from 37 different institutions/organizations attended SLCTLS. Based on feedback from the previous years, the Symposium was held for a day and half, beginning with a keynote speaker and dinner on September 6th, followed by a full day of grant updates and panel discussions.

Before the Symposium, we facilitated a LCTL instructor event before the keynote for all LCTL instructors in attendance. The instructors not only had time to network, but also to reflect on their own practice, their institution, and LCTL instruction using a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis framework.

The official SLCTLS agenda began with a keynote presentation by St├ęphane Charitos of Columbia University, followed directly by roundtable discussions on the topic. (The summary of the call to action from this keynote was published as a reflection piece in the Journal of the National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages.) The following day, teams from both Mellon-funded projects gave updates on their progress. We then had two panel discussions: the first panel focused on CourseShare from the perspectives of the BTAA, from a CourseShare coordinator, and from an instructor involved in facilitating a language course through CourseShare. The second panel focused on demonstrating practical experiences in sharing courses from various consortia/university settings.

Please feel free to watch the recording of the keynote presentation (available embedded below or directly on YouTube)!